Introduction to Blog-The Gift-Giving Virtue (Nietzsche)

Through some inner impulse, I possess a desire to express myself to the world. My thoughts are not at home within my own head. They want to break free, they want to be heard. Speech is my greatest joy, and silence my greatest pain. I bear the seeds of new ideas, and it is my duty to myself to plant these seeds into the earth and cultivate them into something greater.

No man is content with leaving his thoughts to wither and die in his head, unspoken and unheard, dying by the unbroken silence. We all have this innate need to express ourselves in some form, and to share whatever ideas or insights our minds conjure. This need is the root of all art and human innovation. It is why we write – to create a permanent record of our thoughts, immortalized into words. It’s why we argue, why we protest, why we defend our values and beliefs… But what compels this? What inner nature gives us this desire to speak and need to be heard? What is it’s purpose?

This inner nature is the driving force behind all human interaction, all art, all innovation, all speech and writing… Without it, man would be silent and ignorant, no different from any primitive animal. For this, I call this nature a virtue. It brings education and opens the door to knowledge. It enables discourse, which is the process by which we discern and scrutinize truth. It enables complex thought, for thought cannot truly exist in complexity without speech and writing. It brings the greatest ideas out from the minds of great men and into the world of all men, so that those ideas do not die with their creator. It compels us to think of ideas, for we feel we must create ideas to give to the world. By the will of this nature, man evolves. Civilizations are built upon this very nature, and advance by its force.

It is this inner nature that I gladly obey. This I hold up as my greatest virtue, and the virtue of humanity itself. I write because my nature compels me to. It is my purpose in life to share my thoughts and ideas. To all who wish to listen, hear my thoughts! Do not allow my thoughts to die by the deafness of your ears.


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