The Destruction of the Self – (Part I, Essay II)

Every collective, every herd, possesses one trait which they all hold up as a virtue. This being, the destruction of the Self. That the individual may wither away, that his independence be forfeit, that he conform to the conscience of the herd and assimilate. That he no longer speak as “I”, but as “we”, is the ultimate goal. They try to kill the “I”, the Self. Their weapons are labels, designations of good and evil, promises, punishment and reward… They despise he who goes his own way and does not follow the herd, he who does not conform, he who thinks, he who asserts his Will, he who uplifts his reason, he who creates. To them, he is a fault in the system, which must be repaired, replaced, or removed.

You! You who retains some semblance of independence, you who remains an individual, who’s Self is still alive and strong, I speak to you! You are living at the bottom of the sea, and you are drowning! The water of the collective conscience surrounds you. The pressure it exerts upon you is too strong for you to survive! You cannot breathe in the air of truth when you are drowning in the sea of falsehood, and truth is your vitality! At the bottom of the sea, the sun’s light cannot reach. There is no light here, only darkness. You are blind here, yet you retain your ability to see. You must escape the pressure of the bottom, as difficult as it may be. The water’s pressure will still hold you down and try to crush you, but you must unleash the force of your Will, and spring from the grasp of the depths! You must swim upward, out of the darkness and into the light! But you must embark alone. You cannot follow a school of fish, for they will lead you astray. Do not believe their lies! The fish live in the water, but you live in the air; you are above them! These fish that call for you to join their school, they simply want you to remain in the water, so that you will drown and be crushed by the pressure of the depths, so that your body will decay and be food for the bottom-feeders. Your journey to the top is your own, no one else will join you for no one else breathes your air. Finally, you must break past the surface. Breath in the air, soak up the sun’s light! Now, you must swim to shore, for the sea will try to pull you back down. You must escape the sea entirely. There is no telling how far away the nearest land is, or how long it will be until you find it. But you must never lose hope! Let your hope be what fuels you in your search. Never falter in your swimming, never rest! Indolence is your greatest enemy, indolence is what will pull you under so you sink and drown. Search always for the shore, swim ever toward it, and only then will you remain afloat!


One thought on “The Destruction of the Self – (Part I, Essay II)

  1. Oswald Eades

    Very well written, I thoroughly enjoyed your use of referring to the herd as a school of fish. It is almost as though you call them brainless, because they are just fish, one of the least intelligent species.

    I find it interesting how begin your essay with he, then transition into directly addressing your reader. You do this in a tasteful way.

    One critique I do have however, though it is a nitpick, is how you described the pressure, and how crushing it is. I do like that you brought this point up, because it is a trait the sea has. However, what you said about it in two sentences, I believe it could have been done in one and still be just as effective.

    Overall, wonderful work. I hope to see more from you!

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