The Speaking Parasite – (Part I, Essay V)

Within your voice speaks the many voices of many men. They speak through you, as alone they have no voice. Without realising it, you let them use your mouth, and you fool yourself into thinking it is your own words that your tongue articulates. These are the parasites of the mob. They enter through the ear and eat away at your brain. They spit their saliva into your mind and seize control. Their thoughts are implanted into yours, and you can’t tell the difference. You express their thoughts as if they are your own. You never realize that it’s the parasites talking through you. Slowly, more and more of your brain is eaten and replaced with their spit. Leave them to continue unaddressed, and eventually your brain will become the parasites’ mind. All the thoughts in your head will be the parasites’ thoughts, while all your own have been eaten. You will have no sense of self. You will have no identity. You will have no independence, no individuality. You will cease to be an individual, and will morph into the collective hive mind of the parasites. “You” will die.

You ask me for the cure, and indeed I know what it is. But I also know that you will not take it if I offer it. Even I have not taken it. Even I still live among the leeches. Because it is necessary. This transplanting of thoughts by the leeches is what we call “education”, and I do not deny the importance of education! When done right. When done right, it is a symbiotic relationship, and the student is allowed to keep his own thoughts. When done wrong, which unfortunately is most often the case, it is a parasitic relationship, and the student’s own thoughts are suppressed while the thoughts of the parasites are forced down his ears and into his brain. The key here is to ensure a symbiotic relationship is maintained, and a parasitic one avoided. In this way, you will benefit.

You still want to be rid of the leeches entirely, no matter whether they help you or harm you? You still want to know the cure? Stop living among them! Stop listening to them! Stop allowing them into your ears! I am a leech upon you, and you a leach upon me. To avoid the leaches, one must first cease to be one.


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