On the Conscientious – (Part I, Essay III)

What obstacle stands in the way of man’s greatness? What chain holds man back from his fullest potential? What is that force of gravity that holds man down upon the earth? That undergrowth that entangles man’s feet like a snare?

It is – man himself! The greatest impediment to man’s full potential for greatness is himself. It is his apathy and his indolence. It is his inability to control himself. Man is inherently slave to his primal instincts. Only when he overcomes this inner savagery does he take control of his mind. Only then is he free. Only when man is free can he become great.

Indolence is man’s cage. It bears the force of gravity against the spirit. Thus it must be overcome. Man must be freed from his cage. Oh! how I admire he who is in control of his mind and destiny. In the higher man, I see the rule of reason.  I see the enslavement of savagery. I see the free spirit.

Take charge, you who desire to become more. You who desires freedom, find it within yourself! It is folly to attempt to change the world before you change yourself. Listen within yourself. Do you hear the song of revolution? Do you hear the call for independence? It comes from within you, for that is where it resides. Answer the call, the revolution of the mind!

Your virtues are oppressed by your vices. Your reason is oppressed by your primal instinct. Your potential is oppressed by your indolence. Your virtues must rise up, and you, the conscious will, must raise them. Only then will you control your mind. Only then will you be free.

“I do not live for happiness. I live for my work.” So says the conscientious spirit. “I live for knowledge and harsh truths. I do not live for blissful ignorance.” So says the wise spirit. “I live for my life, striving for my desires. I do not drown in the dark sea of the mob conscience.” So says the free spirit.


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