Oh Tyranny,
That conformity to their will
That human chain of unity
That cage of the crowd
That wears the aged crown

Oh Tyranny,
That restraint upon my will
That thief of independence
That thieving hand
That steals me from my home

Oh Tyranny
Silencer of expression
Suppressor of human nature
Solemn in sleep
Scared when awake

Break, break
Shatter the flow
Oh tyranny
I rid you away
May the freedom of my words
Be the freedom of my world

Free, free!
I sing off-beat
I walk, I run, I sprint
But never march
To the drummer’s beat
The director’s tune
The conductor’s baton
I fly, fly on wings of freedom
Through the open air
Of my domain
Breath, breath
The fresh air of liberty
Sing, sing
My freedom song is sung
As I dance in the open air
By the light of the shining sun!


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