The Cold Fire

That chilling fire of rage
With its light of darkness,
How it burns the soul
To make us cold and dark
As we burn away.

Those flames from the depths,
Out from the abyss
To engulf the forest
And darken the sky with smoke.
How I yearn to see the sun
Behind that black blanket,
But darkness descends
And I become blind.

That smoke blocks the sun’s rays,
A blanket for the heat,
Freezing me in the cold of my heart.
A chill runs through me,
A flicker of that cold flame,
As I fall down the abyss
To that eternal darkness.
Down, down,
Into that dark depth!


6 thoughts on “The Cold Fire

      1. Well, I think it can represent a person struggling in life with an overwhelming amount of burdens trying to surviving. Eventually, these struggles consume the person and maybe he gives up or dies.

        I think it can represent many things though. It can be about the moment a person is committing suicide; the person not really wanting to do it, wanting a see a better option but is too troubled or sees no other option and forces himself to do it.
        It can also represent a person with mental health issues such as psychosis; they’re not in touch with reality but they yearn to be ‘normal’ again but the hallucinations and delusions still consume them.

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      2. Well, it’s whatever you want it to be really. You can apply your own meaning and significance. Your interpretation may not be the same meaning as I intended to portray, but it’s not any less valid.

        That said, I did have an intended meaning when writing this. I believe you interpreted well beyond that meaning, trying to find something more figurative. It is quite literally about anger. Anger is often described as a fire, something that “burns” within us, and I took this as a commonplace. I’ve observed that anger is something that makes us “cold”, in the sense of lacking empathy, as well as “dark”, as in “evil” or savagery. I used the commonplace metaphor of “fire” and contrasted that to “cold and dark” through oxymorons to emphasize this effect. So, the poem is simply a deeper look at anger and how it makes people cold and hostile.

        I used some metaphors in this piece that recur throughout my works. Namely, the abyss and the sun. These have a significant meaning, which I am not willing to explicitly reveal. You’d have to look through my other works to try to figure it out. I will say, however, that the sun represents multiple things, depending on how you look at it.

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