Insight into Reason is a literary, philosophical, and psychological project published here on this blog. It is a series of interconnecting essays and poems split into three parts, laying out an original philosophy of self-improvement. These writings express a search for meaning and purpose in a seemingly nihilistic existence, trying to find what truly drives human action, diving deep into the conscious and subconscious mind to find it. It incorporates elements of fiction that visualize the work’s original ideas on philosophy, ethics, and self-improvement and help unify the work as a whole.

This website is my personal blog, and it is home to the first part of my book, while the rest will be published officially at a future date. However, this isn’t the site’s sole purpose. Essays and poems unrelated to the book are posted here often, albeit randomly. It is a philosophical blog through which I share some of my essays on philosophy, as well as poems that express the same ideas.