The Cold Fire

That chilling fire of rage
With its light of darkness
How it burns the soul
To make us cold and dark
Dancing to the fire’s flames
As we burn away

Those flames from the depths
Out from the abyss
To engulf the forest
And darken the sky with smoke
How I yearn to see the sun
Behind that black blanket
But darkness descends
And I become blind

That smoke blocks the sun’s rays
A blanket for the heat
Freezing me in the cold of my heart
A chill runs through me
A flicker of that cold flame
As I fall down the abyss
To that eternal darkness
Down, down,
Into the dark depth!


Ode to Tyranny

Oh Tyranny,
That conformity to their will
That human chain of unity
That cage of the crowd
That wears the aged crown

Oh Tyranny,
That restraint upon my will
That thief of independence
That thieving hand
That steals me from my home

Oh Tyranny
Silencer of expression
Suppressor of human nature
Solemn in sleep
Scared when awake

Break, break
Shatter the flow
Oh tyranny
I rid you away
May the freedom of my words
Be the freedom of my world

Free, free!
I sing off-beat
I walk, I run, I sprint
But never march
To the drummer’s beat
The director’s tune
The conductor’s baton
I fly, fly on wings of freedom
Through the open air
Of my domain
Breath, breath
The fresh air of liberty
Sing, sing
My freedom song is sung
As I dance in the open air
By the light of the shining sun!

Mountain in the Wilderness

I want to be the only man on Earth, atop a mountain in the wilderness.

I want to retreat to the most faraway place and climb to the peak of the tallest mountain, and live there. I’ll build a little cabin there, my own little cave in the mountain. I want to stare across the horizon and not see a single man or woman. I want to admire the sunrise, bask in the glare of noon, stare upon the sunset, and dance below the moonlight. All atop my mountain in the wilderness.

I want to live my life as my own. There is no destiny before me, only my will. My free-will! My free-will by the light of reason, and by my freedom from heteronomy. No trespasser shall trespass upon my property! No intruder shall intrude into my domain! No invader shall invade my lands! This is my little world, and I am the only one here. None else may enter. For I am the only man on Earth, atop my mountain in the wilderness.

On the Conscientious

What obstacle stands in the way of man’s greatness? What chain holds man back from his fullest potential? What is that force of gravity that holds man down upon the earth? That undergrowth that entangles man’s feet like a snare?

It is – man himself! The greatest impediment to man’s full potential for greatness is himself. It is his apathy and his indolence. It is his inability to control himself. Man is inherently slave to his primal instincts. Only when he overcomes this inner savagery does he take control of his mind. Only then is he free. Only when man is free can he become great.

Indolence is man’s cage. It bears the force of gravity against the spirit. Thus it must be overcome. Man must be freed from his cage. Oh! how I admire he who is in control of his mind and destiny. In the higher man, I see the rule of reason.  I see the enslavement of savagery. I see the free spirit.

Take charge, you who desire to become more. You who desires freedom, find it within yourself! It is folly to attempt to change the world before you change yourself. Listen within yourself. Do you hear the song of revolution? Do you hear the call for independence? It comes from within you, for that is where it resides. Answer the call, the revolution of the mind!

Your virtues are oppressed by your vices. Your reason is oppressed by your primal instinct. Your potential is oppressed by your indolence. Your virtues must rise up, and you, the conscious will, must raise them. Only then will you control your mind. Only then will you be free.

“I do not live for happiness. I live for my work.” So says the conscientious spirit. “I live for knowledge and harsh truths. I do not live for blissful ignorance.” So says the wise spirit. “I live for my life, striving for my desires. I do not drown in the dark sea of the mob conscience.” So says the free spirit.

Night Poem

Oh! How night descends
How light fades as the day ends
How the lights of stars speckle the sky
How the sun goes low as the moon goes high!

The crickets chirp their song
Persisting while the night is long
Searching for a mate to call
To be refused would be their fall

To the night I sing my own song
Of a day that has since gone
As I stare upon the starlight
And dance below the moonlight
Oh night, oh night!

How the stars speckle the sky
How the sun goes low as the moon goes high
Oh! How the poets lie!

The Speaking Parasite

Within your voice speaks the many voices of many men. They speak through you, as alone they have no voice. Without realising it, you let them use your mouth, and you fool yourself into thinking it is your own words that your tongue articulates. These are the parasites of the mob. They enter through the ear and eat away at your brain. They spit their saliva into your mind and seize control. Their thoughts are implanted into yours, and you can’t tell the difference. You express their thoughts as if they are your own. You never realize that it’s the parasites talking through you. Slowly, more and more of your brain is eaten and replaced with their spit. Leave them to continue unaddressed, and eventually your brain will become the parasites’ mind. All the thoughts in your head will be the parasites’ thoughts, while all your own have been eaten. You will have no sense of self. You will have no identity. You will have no independence, no individuality. You will cease to be an individual, and will morph into the collective hive mind of the parasites. “You” will die.

You ask me for the cure, and indeed I know what it is. But I also know that you will not take it if I offer it. Even I have not taken it. Even I still live among the leeches. Because it is necessary. This transplanting of thoughts by the leeches is what we call “education”, and I do not deny the importance of education! When done right. When done right, it is a symbiotic relationship, and the student is allowed to keep his own thoughts. When done wrong, which unfortunately is most often the case, it is a parasitic relationship, and the student’s own thoughts are suppressed while the thoughts of the parasites are forced down his ears and into his brain. The key here is to ensure a symbiotic relationship is maintained, and a parasitic one avoided. In this way, you will benefit.

You still want to be rid of the leeches entirely, no matter whether they help you or harm you? You still want to know the cure? Very well, I will tell you. Stop living among them! Stop listening to them! Stop allowing them into your ears! Don’t you see, I am a leech! You want me out of your head? Stop letting me in! Stop reading me!

Kingdom of the Mind

Our greatest enemy is ourselves. The one we must fear is our self. This is true both individually and collectively. It is true of both man and men. We all have our goals and desires, but our own follies stand in the way. In our life story, we are both the protagonist and the antagonist. We strive toward a goal and simultaneously hold ourselves back from it. It is our inherent contradiction. It is the seed of all wars, big and small.

In this war, we grow confused. We become lost in the jungle of our mind, blinded by the fog. We lose ourselves. We lose sight of our future. Our desires erode into contradiction. As we lose who we are, we lose our purpose. Our life loses purpose. And so we wander aimlessly through the foggy forest, lost and blind. We can only see the immediate, but all ahead, all behind, all above, all below, is hidden behind the fog. The sun sets and darkness descends. Tonight is a new moon, and storm clouds hide away the stars. In the dark we are truly blind, and know not where we are.

How can we keep our eyes fixed on the sun in the dead of night? Only a fool looks at a sun that isn’t there.

By our judgement, we will weigh the scales of the world, of our hearts and minds. We will find balance, and through that will we rise from our confusion. The fog will fade, the clouds will dissipate, the sun will rise, and we will find our way back along the beaten path.

But first we must stare within ourselves. We must avert our eyes from the external and reverse them into the internal. We were born with two sets of eyes. One set for seeing around us, the other for seeing within. Close the former eyes and open the latter. Stop looking at the cards of others’ hands and look at your own. Weigh them through the power of your judgement. Choose your cards. Take the ones you want to place. Now look across the table. Look at your opponents. Look at yourself. Now you may peek at their cards! By your will, you must win this match. Place down your cards and take what is yours from the pile! But keep in mind, this is all in your head.

Be vigilant; your opponents will attempt to deceive you. They will bluff. Call their bluff! They will try to tip the scales of your judgement, make you choose and place the wrong cards. Your opponents do not play clean. Make that their folly! Expose their tricks and see through their deceit, by that will you win! But remember, this is all in your head.

The stakes of this game are higher than any other. Your own mind is on the line. Everyone at the table wants a piece of your mind, everyone wants to take it and make it their possession. This is why you must win. You have found yourself, he sits upon the table! But he is chained! You must gamble away his chains. You must win! But remember not to be deceived. Remember, it is all in your head.

I have travelled through the foggy forest for years, by night and day. I have endured the blackest darkness, basked in the brightest sunlight. Always I was searching for the path. Always I was searching for myself. I looked around me in the forest, but couldn’t see through the fog. I looked above, but clouds hid the sky. I looked below, but the undergrowth tried to trip me and pull me down. I found a cave that led below. I entered the darkness and stumbled my way over hidden rocks, feeling along the walls that enclosed me. There I found a dragon. There I found myself, chained by the undergrowth. I fled, and eventually I came out the other side, emerging into the light. I found myself in that cave. I found him in the forest too. In the sky as well. In the light and in the dark. In the fog and the clouds. Standing tall among the trees and shrivelled among the undergrowth. I was searching for myself within myself. It took me so long to realize that, and that was my greatest folly. Then I looked to the sun, and basked in its light. I climbed the tallest trees to get closer to it, but no tree was tall enough. I came down and retreated to the mountains. I climbed the highest peak, but no mountain was high enough. Then I descended again, down into the cave, and slayed the dragon within. I played cards in the dark with the cave dwellers, and won myself back from myself. I freed myself from the undergrowth, and climbed again up the highest mountain. I stared at the sun and the sun stared at me. Then I became the sun, and stared at the world. By my light, I saw all that lie on the surface. I saw the path that I must take, the road of my desire. I could not see what dwell below, but I knew it was there. It’s always there, I realized, and learned to live with it. This world became my kingdom, ruled by the light of the sun. The cave dwellers became my subjects, subservient to me, to the sun. My virtues rest upon the throne, my vices bow at their feet in obedience. Now I control myself. I rule the kingdom of my mind.

The Model of the Perfect Man

Everyone desires to be something “more” than their present state. Only the fool is content with where he now stands, and does not wish to step further.

We all walk upon a road in life. We choose what we do on this road. We can turn around and walk backwards, we can stand in place, or we can walk forward. This is the road of the Self. It is our choice whether we regress, stagnate, or progress along this road. The destination is perfection, and you can run from perfection or you can run straight toward it; or, you can remain at your current level of imperfection. Those who progress down the road will inch ever closer to perfection, but never reach it. It is the asymptote of our lives. It is the unachievable that we wish to achieve. For, to paraphrase Emerson, it is not the destination that counts, but the journey. It is progress, and not success, that we require. To be in a perpetual process of self-improvement is the ideal state of man. Never shall he falter and stagnate, never shall he regress backward. Man must always strive for perfection, and work eternally toward it, until his inevitable death. It is this man of constant growth that is the man of greatness.

The narcissist does not strive for anything greater than his present state. He believes he has already reached perfection, that he has met the end of the road, and thus there is no more road for him to walk forward along. He believes he has no room for improvement, for how can one improve upon perfection? He is a fool for this very reason. The road to perfection has no end. It stretches for infinity. Perfection cannot be reached, for it is the end of an endless road. On the road to perfection, one can only continue to move forward. The narcissist chooses to stand in place, to leave his life to stagnate, to stand in the middle of the road rather than walk further along it. It is not merely among the clinical cases that this wilful stagnation occurs. All those who are content with their current placement refuse to move forward. All of them are fools.

Then there is the regressive trend. Those who are degrading and deteriorating, becoming worse as their bodies and minds decay, or as their vices are allowed to flourish and manifest, as their virtues become timid and weak. For those with an incurable disease, or who are simply growing old with age, this is the only direction they can go on this path of life. If it is not a lifestyle disease locking them into this direction, it is not their fault that they have met this fate. However, many wilfully choose the backward direction, out of short-sightedness, carelessness, laziness, ignorance, or sheer stupidity. It is these people who are to be shunned, even more so than the stagnated narcissist. These are the people who give in to foolish temptation and blindly obey their primal impulses. They see only short-term, temporary gain, and not long-term growth. They live in the present, or worse, dwell on the past, and not in the future. They are blind to the future, so they do not see the consequences of their actions. They do not see the long-term benefits of healthy living. These are the kind of men who indulge in alcohol, tobacco, and other detrimental substances, who grow fat from overeating, or bone-thin from wilful near-starvation when food is available. They are those who refuse education, who are repulsed by knowledge and reading, who choose to remain wilfully ignorant and trapped in their dogmas rather than accept the truth before them. They are repelled by truth and knowledge, rather than attracted to them. These are the kind who allow their vices to reign free in the mind, and do no cultivate and foster their virtues. Those who resort to crime are among this type. Criminals are the result of the vices of man left uncontrolled, allowed to ravage the mind and corrupt the soul. It all traces back to a single vice that broke loose in these people: short-sightedness. For short-sightedness is the thinking of beasts, and not of men. Men look to the future, beasts stare at the ground of the present. Short-sightedness breeds sloth, and sloth breeds timidity and weakness, which allow all other vices to grow in strength, unrestrained, and to ultimately usurp the mind. One must have a strong will in order to suppress these vices and uplift his virtues. If his will is weakened by short-sightedness, sloth, and timidity, he will become too weak to hold down his vices and hold up his virtues. Thus, his virtues will fall, and his vices will rise.

One who takes it upon himself to undergo self-reformation and begin the process of continuous self-improvement, must keep a few things in mind. He must first train his Will, strengthen it so that it overcomes all else. It must become strong enough to resist all temptation, all impulse, and never let emotions cloud judgement. One must learn to act only on calculated reason, when possible. To possess a critical mind, always questioning, carefully discerning truth and falsehood. To look to the future, thinking always of the long-term and caring not for the short-term. Think of how what you do will affect yourself, your family, your neighbourhood, your city, state, country, and ultimately the world, in the long-term future. Work for the achievement of long-term benefit, and avoidance of long-term detriment. Care nothing for short-term benefit. Most of all, one’s Will must have the strength to overcome the vice of sloth. The worst temptation is the temptation to leisure, for if one if lazy, how could they ever resist temptation? The Will must fight against sloth, and it must achieve victory. One must overcome laziness, and become productive. The temptation to rest, to engage in mindless activities, must be resisted. Distractions must be eliminated. Focus is key. Learn to focus only on the task at hand, and shut out all other thoughts and distractions. This ability is to be nurtured through meditation. Try to think of one thing, and one thing only. Eliminate all other thoughts and emotions. Think of the task you’re supposed to be doing. That is all that matters, all else is irrelevant.

Through the power of the Will, you will gain self-control. You will have supreme authority over your mind. Assert your authority. The mind is something to be governed. Within it exists chaos and order alike. The two will always coexist; the goal is to achieve harmony. That harmony exists in the relationship between the ruled and the ruler. The virtues must conquer the mind and subject the vices to their rule. This is to be done through the Will. Empower your virtues, strengthen them, allow them to grow, foster them with care. Bring them to a point where they overpower the vices, where the virtues seize control and take their place as the rightful owners of the mind. The vices are to be suppressed, imprisoned, chained. The vices shall have no freedom, while the virtues have ultimate freedom. With the vices weakened and suppressed, the virtues are to grow even stronger. What will emerge from this revolution of the mind, is a just and virtuous man. He will be a man of order and individual freedom alike. He will become a free man, free in his thought and mind. For one is not free unless he is free in thought, and he is not free unless he has absolute self-control. If you, the conscious, cannot control yourself, then whom is controlling you? It is either your subconscious, or other men. Either way, you are not free if you are not in control. If you are a slave to your primitive instincts, you are still a slave nonetheless.

While the vices have been subjected to the rule of the virtues, they will still attempt to revolt and break free. The Will must, at all times, be vigilant, and subvert any attempts at brewing revolution. The vices must be constantly held down, and the virtues constantly held up. It takes strength to hold this weight and exert such force. A weak Will is incapable. But if you strengthen the Will through mental exercise, it will eventually become strong enough to take on such a burden. But it cannot ever falter. It must always bear this burden, and never let go. You may grow fatigued and strained, but if you let go, the virtues will fall and the vices will rise. This burden is how one moves forward, how one improves. Did you think perpetual self-improvement is without perpetual effort? What the Will must do is constantly push down the vices, weakening them evermore, and raise up the virtues ever higher, making them stronger evermore. Because those vices will always remain, and because virtues have no limit to their strength, perfection is an impossibility. It is the progress, the ever striving toward something better, that defines greatness, that defines the just and virtuous man.

So, what is that perfection that all men must strive toward? For the most part, this is subjective. Perfection is simply the person you want to be, that better version of yourself that you wish to become. The writer works to possess the most wondrous skill at prose, and reaching the maximum expanse of brilliant imagination for the crafting of fascinating stories. The scholar forever seeks more knowledge, perfection being omniscience. The polymath seeks absolute mastery in all fields of art and study. In short, greatness is subjective to vocation. Even the virtues and vices are subjective. Virtue simply depends upon which of the human attributes are most suitable to your passions and interests, and that correspond with your view of “good”, while vices are all the obstacles of human nature that impede upon those same factors, and that you see as “bad”. There is no universal standard. However, there are virtues which are beneficial to any individual, and vices that are detrimental to all. Looking broader, the same applies to society. This again is open to discussion, as what is beneficial and what is detrimental are not always entirely clear. My intention here is not, in fact, to tell you who you should and shouldn’t be. My intention is to assist you in becoming who you want to be. You cannot conform to what others expect of you, you need to determine what you consider to be your virtues, and your vices. Conceptualize the ideal of perfection you wish to strive toward. My hope is that the advice I have laid out here will enable you to set yourself moving forward on the path of self-improvement, and that you will one day achieve the greatness you desire.

On Self-Understanding – The Abyss of Man

You will never understand yourself through reason alone. You must descend into the recesses of your mind, into the abyss of the irrational. You must be overwhelmed by your own emotions, good and bad. Man is an animal, a beast, evolved to hunt and kill. Once you realize this, once you accept the beast within you and learn to live with it, then you will understand yourself. But you must first embrace the beast, you must let it consume you. Only then can you understand the beast, only then can you understand yourself!

When you feel you are ready, you can ascend back to the height of reason. But remember the abyss below will always remain. You will always be a slave to irrationality, to impulse and instinct. There is no escaping that, there is only accepting. Man is an animal, a beast, do not deny this fact! Do not try to be more than human, accept that you are human.

On the Destruction of the Self

Every collective, every herd, possesses one trait which they hold up as a virtue. This being, the destruction of the Self. That the individual may wither away, that his independence be forfeit, that he conform to the conscience of the herd and assimilate. That he no longer speak as “I”, but as “we”, is the ultimate goal. They try to kill the “I”, the Self. Their weapons are labels, designations of good and evil, promises, punishment and reward… They despise he who goes his own way and does not follow the herd, he who does not conform, he who thinks, he who asserts his Will, he who uplifts his reason, he who creates. To them, he is a fault in the system, which must be repaired, replaced, or removed.

You! You who retains some semblance of independence, you who remains an   individual, who’s Self is still alive and strong, I speak to you! You are living at the bottom of the sea, and you are drowning! The water of the collective conscience surrounds you. The pressure it exerts upon you is too strong for you to survive! You cannot breathe in the air of truth when you are drowning in the sea of falsehood, and truth is your vitality! At the bottom of the sea, the sun’s light cannot reach. There is no light here, only darkness. You are blind here, yet you retain your ability to see. You must escape the pressure of the bottom, as difficult as it may be. The water’s pressure will still hold you down and try to crush you, but you must unleash the force of your Will, and spring from the grasp of the depths! You must swim upward, out of the darkness and into the light! But you must embark alone. You cannot follow a school of fish, for they will lead you astray. Do not believe their lies! The fish live in the water, but you live in the air; you are above them! These fish that call for you to join their school, they simply want you to remain in the water, so that you will drown and be crushed by the pressure of the depths, so that your body will decay and be food for the bottom-feeders. Your journey to the top is your own, no one else will join you for no one else breathes your air. Finally, you must break past the surface. Breath in the air, soak up the sun’s light! Now, you must swim to shore, for the sea will try to pull you back down. You must escape the sea entirely. There is no telling how far away the nearest land is, or how long it will be until you find it. But you must never lose hope! Let your hope be what fuels you in your search. Never falter in your swimming, never rest! Indolence is your greatest enemy, indolence is what will pull you under so you sink and drown. Search always for the shore, swim ever toward it, and only then will you remain afloat!