The Voice of Death

In silence breeds the darkest nights, Beneath the clouds which hide the stars, Eyes blind while darkness hides my scars. From out beyond the breathless wind Ascends the fearless face of Death. He comes to knock upon my door, To beckon for my sweet embrace, Away from all I cannot face. He comes to promise …

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Contradiction of the Caged

I find myself suspended in past and future, detached from the present. A shattered world with no semblance of reality, no feeling of something “real”. Reality is a separate world, an unattainable order, a dimension far beyond my own, unimaginable to my three-dimensional brain, limited by its irrationality and inherent lack of free-will, the myth …

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The Universal Purpose – (Part II, Essay I)

There is an evolutionary basis for everything that makes up our Being. Even our consciousness. Even our reason. Even our self-control. Fortunately, those aforementioned traits (all of which are intertwined) are capacities for the development of self-learned traits. We are given a template set by nature, defined by an individual's particular genetic code. We are …

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