Kingdom of the Mind

Our greatest enemy is ourselves. The one we must fear is our self. This is true both individually and collectively. It is true of both man and men. We all have our goals and desires, but our own follies stand in the way. In our life story, we are both the protagonist and the antagonist. …

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On Self-Understanding – The Abyss of Man

You will never understand yourself through reason alone. You must descend into the recesses of your mind, into the abyss of the irrational. You must be overwhelmed by your own emotions, good and bad. Man is an animal, a beast, evolved to hunt and kill. Once you realize this, once you accept the beast within …

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A Day Has Dawned: Introduction to Blog

Through some inner impulse, I possess a desire to express myself to the world. My thoughts are not at home within my own head. My thoughts want to break free, they want to be heard. Speech is my greatest joy, silence my greatest pain. I bear the seeds of new ideas, and it is my …

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The Individual in History

History is a continual process, perpetuating itself through a seemingly deterministic flow. Every event seems to be the effect of a cause, and the cause to an effect. This is, in fact, often how history is taught in schools, from grade school to higher education. However, it is merely a simplistic view of the complexities …

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